1. A clutter free, sight word reader for children, parents, carers and individuals.
  2. Words of Sight implements the Fry Sight Words (1000 words), which includes the Dolch Sight Words (220 words).
  3. 10 groups of one hundred words of commonly used words.
  4. Swipe through the words as you read them. When you return to the main screen, the progress circle for that group of words will update.
  5. Tap the "Speak" button to have the word spoken out loud, good for when your child is using the app by themselves. Tap the "Define" button to check the definition using the built-in dictionary.
  6. There is a custom word group, ♡, where you can add and edit your own words. Good for words your child, or yourself are currently learning or having particular trouble with.
  7. Add words to your custom word group, ♡, from any app that uses text, like Safari, using the "Add to Words Of Sight" share extension.
  8. There is a setting for shuffling the order of words, and a setting to reset the read progress for each group of built in words.
  9. iOS Dark Mode support.